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"We are creating sustainable Architecture and Design

by choosing eco-friendly materials that are sourced responsibly and 100% recyclable | 100 % biodegradable."


Explore Eco Fort's innovative ecological parametric architecture. We are passionate about designing and delivering sustainable solutions for a variety of spaces and events. Our expertise ranges from pavilions and stands for Expos and Fairs to Retail, Business spaces, Interior design, Scenography for music festivals, Business and Artistic events.

Sustainable solutions for Event/Advertising and Hospitality industries.


A - B

What is your idea/ need?

Design and Manufacturing

Easy/quick installation!

Recycle or upcycle


Share your need and project idea, and we will provide an estimate. We work with the event organizers, PR and marketing agencies, production houses, retailers, companies and individuals.


We design ecological solutions, preparing and packing for shipping.

Material is lightweight, production is fast.

Designs are unique and modern.


In modular construction, cardboard peaces fit together with unique Lego-type connectors. No tools or glue!

Building times on site are short. 

Our designs come flat packed, shipping is efficient and environment friendly.


Every piece is made with 100 % recyclable cardboard certified by FCS.

100 % reusable | 100 % recyclable

You choose! It's easy both ways.

Eco label guaranteed! Connect closer to your clients and audience.

We create Architecture for events and commercial needs from the cardboard

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